Food chains and webs

All organisms in an ecosystem depend on each other. Food chains show the flow of energy from one organism to another.

Changes to food webs

All organisms in a food web depend upon each other and changes to one can affect the others.

Ecological sampling

Sampling is the process of looking at part of a population or habitat to draw conclusions about the whole thing. Learn how sampling is used to find out about animals and plants.

Pyramids of number and biomass

Pyramids of numbers and biomass are different ways of showing the amount of organisms at each stage in the food chain.

Kingdoms and classifications

Learn how different species group together and how they are related to each other.

Adaptations of plants

Plants live in a wide variety of habitats. Learn how each species is adapted to suit where they live.

Biodiversity, gene pools and extinctions

Biodiversity is a measure of the range of living organisms within a habitat. A gene pool is the range of DNA in a species.

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