Interdependence and adaptation (clip compilation)

A compilation of clips on the subject of species adaptation.

Nocturnal animals and birds

A look at barn owls, mice, hedgehogs, bats, badgers, moles and worms.

Rock pools

The creatures found in a rock pool.

The arrival of spring across the UK (signed)

The Springwatch team look at data which shows the start of spring across the UK.

The difference between nocturnal and diurnal animals

Creatures that are active at night need to be silent, unlike their daytime counterparts.

What do you find in a rockpool?

An introduction to the creatures living in a coastal rockpool.

Why animals need a healthy diet

Zookeepers talk about the diet needed to keep a gorilla and a penguin healthy.

Why did the brown bear evolve into the polar bear?

Animation describing how brown bears adapted to life in the Arctic.

Why does the giraffe have a long neck?

Animation describing the evolution of the giraffe.

Wobbly teeth

Children find out why their baby teeth fall out and compare sharks’ teeth to human teeth.

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