Adaptation of walia ibex in finding a niche habitat

Walia ibex live on sheer cliffs in Ethiopia and have adapted to survive these.

Adaptations of animals living in the Arctic

How polar bears, snow foxes and reindeer have adapted to live in cold environments.

Animals that live on cold mountains

The adaptations to mountain life of goats, leopards, rabbits, snowcocks, geese and yaks.

Biodiversity and the human implications

Why is conserving biodiversity important for human existence?

Do baby animals look like their parents?

How and why some baby animals look like their parents and some do not.

Explanation - Growing seeds

Children grow seeds and then visit a farm to see radishes grown and harvested.

Food chains

All living organisms need food to survive.

Food chains on a farm

A look at a food chain on a farm that is based on a wheat crop.

Green plants and animals in the rainforest

The variety of green plants and animals in the rainforest.

Habitats - where do different owls live?

A look at different types of owls and their environment adaptations.

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