Air raids in Swansea

World War Two memories of the Swansea blitz in 1941.

Chamberlain's attempts to keep the peace through appeasement

An examination of Chamberlain's motivation for appeasement and Hitler's response.

Did Hitler always want war?

Did Hitler want war from the start or did he want revenge for Versailles?

Hans and Sophie Scholl and the resistance leaflets

A brother and sister who actively resisted Nazism and everything that it stood for.

Italian communities in south Wales during World War Two

Italians from south Wales and the sinking of the Arandora Star in World War Two.

Scotland’s post-war industrial boom

An overview of Scotland’s shipbuilding boom after the Second World War.

Swansea Blitz 1941

Story of Swansea in the Blitz in World War Two and how the city recovered.

The Holocaust

Young Jews talk with a Holocaust survivor about the death of six million Jews.

The Scottish home front

An overview of Scottish industry during the Second World War.

World War Two rationing in Wales

Memories of rationing in the Second World War in Wales.