Four types of sentence

Learning focus

To be able to use the four sentence types - statement, command, question and exclamation.

This lesson includes:

  • a video and introduction to the different types of sentences

  • three activities


Words are grouped together into sentences. All sentences should:

  • start with a capital letter
  • end with a punctuation mark
  • contain a verb (a 'doing word')
  • make sense

Watch this short video to remind yourself of these simple sentence rules.

Explore the different sentence types.


Activity 1: Writing sentences

Now that you know the different sentence types, try writing some yourself.

  • Write a statement, command, question and exclamation about yourself.
  • Remember to use capital letters and punctuation.
  • In at least two of your sentences include the joining word and. For example: I am very tall and I have brown hair.

Activity 2: Let's make a poster!

Watch this short video about recycling and then try creating a recycling poster.

Learn about recycling and its effect on the environment.

Make a poster that is full of information about recycling. Make sure you include:

  • a question
  • a command
  • a statement
  • an exclamations
  • facts from the video

You can decorate your poster with fun images too!

Activity 3: Identifying sentence types

See how well you can do in the quiz all about sentence types and their punctuation.

Where next?

In this lesson you have learnt to use the four sentence types - statement, command, question and exclamation.

There are other useful articles on Bitesize to help you.

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