3D map making

How to make a 2D map into a 3D feature map.

Bar charts - analysing weather data (signed)

A weather reporter shows how useful bar charts can be when describing the forecast.

How does the temperature change as you climb a mountain?

How temperature and weather changes in the mountains, and how mountains alter over time.

Making weekly weather recordings

How to measure and record weather using a thermometer, an anemometer and a rain gauge.

Map reading skills - calculating distance

Trainee tour guide Tess uses a piece of string and a scale to find the distance on a map.

Measuring temperature using a thermometer

A demonstration of how to measure the air temperature using a thermometer.

Mountain Rescue in the Torridon mountains

A mountain rescue helicopter comes to the aid of tour guide Tess.

The Grampian tour - A trip to Ben Nevis

A trip to the Grampian mountains and a gondola ride to the top of Ben Nevis.

The Grampian tour - The Cairngorms

Referencing geographical features of the Cairngorm Mountains on a map.

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