Sands of Forvie National Nature Reserve

The function of the Sands of Forvie Nature Reserve in Aberdeenshire.

Sands of Forvie National Nature Reserve - marshes and mudflats

The intertidal salt marshes and mudflats in the estuary of the River Ythan, Aberdeenshire.

Sea defences in Minehead and managed retreat in Porlock

Different coastal management strategies of Minehead and Porlock in Somerset.

The coastline - longshore drift and spits

How longshore drift can form spits where the line of the coast changes.

The formation of spits

The changing form of the coastal spits at Blakeney Point in Norfolk.

Understanding waves

Diagrams and images are used to explain the formation of waves.

Wave cut platforms and headland erosion

The formation of a wave-cut platform and a stack are illustrated.


Formation of coastal features like Bullers of Buchan in Aberdeenshire and aerial erosion.