Who was Henry VIII?

Henry VIII is remembered for his six wives and his military success. His decision to break from the Catholic Church kickstarted the English Reformation.

The Reformation and its impact

In 1534, Henry VIII declared that he was the head of the Church in England, not the Pope. This was the beginning of the English Reformation.

Who was Elizabeth I?

Elizabeth I ruled England for 45 years. The country saw lots of change during her reign, with religion, trade and international exploration all very different by the time she died.

Elizabethan rule

Elizabeth I's reign has often been described as a ‘Golden Age’ of culture, wealth and exploration. Some historians, however, have begun to question just how accurate this is.

Africans and their lives in Tudor England

Around 200 people of African origin lived in Tudor England. They arrived in England in different ways, some as ambassadors, others via the empires of Spain and Portugal.