Day and night

The Earth rotates one complete turn every 24 hours to give us day and night.

Day and night in the world's most northerly city

Vicky Kimm visits the most northerly city in the world.

Earth's orbit of the Sun

The tilt of the Earth's axis and the effect this has as Earth orbits the Sun.

How do we get day and night?

A practical demonstration of how the Earth rotates on its axis to create day and night.

How the changing seasons affects apple trees

How an apple tree survives during the different seasons.

Seasonal change in the countryside

A sequence of time lapse images showing changing seasons in the countryside.

The arrival of spring across the UK (signed)

The Springwatch team look at data which shows the start of spring across the UK.

The signs of spring (signed)

A walk through a woodland looking for the first signs of spring.

The Sun - day and night

An explanation and practical demonstration of day and night.

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