Analogue and digital signals

An explanation of the differences between digital and analogue signals.

Conduction, convection and radiation

An explanation, with particle animations, of conduction, convection and radiation.

Nanotechnology used in sunscreen manufacture

Nanotechnology and its use in sunscreen manufacture to reflect UV rays from the sun.

The albedo effect

Iain Stewart explains how the albedo effect works.

The effects of UV light on our skin

An introduction to UV light and the carcinogenic effects it has on skin.

The electromagnetic spectrum

The seven different types of waves that form the electromagnetic spectrum are introduced.

Uses of electromagnetic waves

This clip gives a summary of common uses of electromagnetic waves.

Waves - reflection, refraction and diffraction

This clip shows how waves can be either reflections, refractions or diffractions.

What are transverse and longitudinal waves?

The way in which energy is transferred by transverse and longitudinal waves are compared.

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