How do I record and display data?

Fin, Snoot and Plimble use a tally table, bar graph and pie chart to count meebs.

How can I count and display data?

A tally is a quick and easy way to record what you are counting.

  • Draw a line like a 1 to mark each number you count.
  • When you get to 5, draw a diagonal line across the first four lines
  • Making groups of 5 like this makes it easier to count your tally later.

How can I show what I have counted?

A table shows:

  • what you have counted on the left
  • how many of each thing there are on the right as a number
A simple table shows types of thing on the left and the number of each type on the right.

A bar graph shows:

  • what you have counted along the bottom and numbers up the left
  • the number of each thing is shown by a bar
  • the height of the each bar shows how many of each thing there are
A bar graph shows types of thing along the bottom and numbers up the left. A bar above each type of thing shows how many there are.

A pie chart shows a total number as a circle

  • the circle is divided into different slices for different things
  • the bigger the slice the bigger the number of things
A pie chart is a circle divided into different sizes of slice to show how many of each type of thing there are.
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