Do you know how to talk about certain shops in Irish? Learn some helpful words and phrases and test yourself on others you may already know!

Siopaí na mórshráide

High-street shops

siopa nuachtán


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Lá ag an ionad siopadóireachta

A day at the shopping centre

Read about Ailbhe's visit to her local shopping centre. See if you can understand the sentences!

Thug mé cuairt ar an ionad siopadóireachta.

I visited the shopping centre.

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ceannaighverb buy
íoc asverb pay for
tabhair cuairt arverb visit
triail arverb try on (clothes)
bain sult asverb enjoy
cuir ar aisverb return (something to a shop)
buail leverb meet
bain úsáid asverb use
téighverb go