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a penny / 1p

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Using numbers

When counting things, always remember that there are rules that affect the spelling of the words.

  • Using the numbers 2-6, aspirate (add a séimhiú to) the noun - eg dhá phunt

  • Using the numbers 7-10, eclipse (add an urú to) the noun - eg ocht bpingine

  • Using multiples of 10, do nothing to the noun - eg tríocha punt

You may have noticed that pingin looks a bit different when counting. Pingin does not follow the regular rules for counting most nouns.

A penny is pingin and two pence becomes dhá phingin.

However for three to six pence, add an e to make it pingine, and don't lenite the noun (i.e. add a seimhiú).

For seven to ten pence, just like most nouns, eclipse/add an urú (in this case, b) to make it bpingine.

In multiples of ten, make no changes to the noun - for example, fiche pingin and caoga pingin.

The words euro and cent are the same in Irish as they are in English, and do not take a séimhiú or urú when counting them at any time.

Learn more about counting things in this guide.

Cá mhéad atá air?

How much is it?

"Cá mhéad a chosnaíonn sé?" - "How much does it cost?"

Cá mhéad?

Cá mhéad atá air?

Tá deich bpunt air / orthu.

Cá mhéad a chosnaíonn sé?

Cosnaíonn sé trí euro.

Tá sé saor in aisce.

Tá sé daor / costasach.

Tá sé róchostasach.

Tá sé saor.

Is sladmhargadh é / í.

Ar mhaith leat admháil?

An bhfuil briseadh agat?

An féidir liom íoc le cárta creidmheasa?

How much / many?

How much is it?

It's / they're £10.

How much does it cost?

It costs €3.

It's free.

It's expensive.

It's overpriced.

It's cheap.

It's a bargain.

Would you like a receipt?

Do you have change?

Can I pay by credit card?

ceannaighverb buy
íocverb pay
díolverb sell
caillverb lose
bainverb win
caithverb spend
faigh ar cíosverb rent
cuir in áiritheverb book (an appointment, a table)
cuir i dtaisceverb save
saothraigh (airgead)verb earn (money)
cosainverb cost
D'íoc mé le cárta creidmheasa - I paid by credit card



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