Learning to Live as a Member of the Community

Where you live is where your community will be. Your community is where you feel you belong.

Some people live in small villages and may have a very close community, where everyone knows each other. The hub of their community could be their church or their sports club. In larger towns and cities there are also communities which will be much larger.

We are all part of the Northern Irish community because we live here. There are many communities living within Northern Ireland, so many of you will belong to more than one community.

You all belong to a school community. Some children in your class may belong to a Polish community, a Portuguese community or a Bulgarian community depending on their tradition and background. Some children may belong to the Catholic or Protestant community others may be part of a travelling community.

What communities do you belong to?

We all have a part to play in a community.

In school you wear a uniform to show that you belong to the school community. You follow the rules in school and are part of a class.

When you get older you may join a workplace and become part of that working community. You will take on a role and a job description and maybe wear a uniform. Can you think of some jobs like this?

You might have thought of: a dentist, a physiotherapist, a bank manager, a receptionist, a bus driver.

Do your parents/carers work in your community?

They could be providing a service, for example a hairdresser, a beautician, a painter or a plumber. They might work for someone or have their own business.

Others could be involved in production based work, for example working in a factory. There are many factories producing goods in Northern Ireland can you think of any? Some popular ones you may know of might include: Coca Cola, Tayto, Dale Farm or Moy Park.

Other may be farmers, teachers, postal workers, doctors, nurses, sales managers or journalists.

All of these jobs are important and all have a part to play in making our community a better place.

Do you know what you would like to be when you grow up?

The production journey of the products we buy.

Living as part of a community also requires us to think about how we spend our money. We all need to budget and spend wisely. Many of you may get pocket money by doing some jobs around the house which you can save to buy something with. Sometimes we can ask our parents/carers to buy us something we need. Are the things we ask for really needs, or are they wants?

A need is something that is necessary and essential.

A want is just a wish.

You may want a new pair of trainers because your friend got a new pair or you might need new trainers because your only other pair have holes in them.

We all have needs but probably more wants! How many things have you said you need, but you could actually survive without? Next time you say you need something, think twice, maybe you only want it!

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Learning to Live as a Member of the Community