What are computer bugs?

When you write code, it's easy to make a mistake. Coding mistakes are called bugs.

Imagine you have written some code to make a game. You want your robot to move forwards when you press the arrow key, but the robot goes backwards!

When your code goes wrong, you need to check your algorithm and then check your code. When you have found and fixed your mistakes you can try the game again.

Mouse wants Robot to help him get ready, but there's a bug in his code!

Bugs - an annoying problem or helpful challenge?

Bugs can be seen as a problem. If you made a game for someone and it had bugs, it would be a problem for the person using it. That is why fixing bugs is so important!

But they can also be seen as a challenge. They are part of the fun of coding. You just need find them and fix them. It is all part of learning to be a coder!