How do computer games work?

There are lots of types of computer games. You can solve puzzles, make things run and jump, drive a car or play a sport.

Computer games work by setting a task you need to do. When you finish one task you can move on to a new one.

When you make a game, you can decide what the tasks are and set the rules. You can make a computer game using code.

Watch this video to find out more about how to make a game.

What goes into making a computer game?


Pictures are a very important part of a computer game. How a game looks can help us decide if it is for children or grown-ups.

Illustration of a painting for how to make art on a computer for KS1 computing.


You need algorithms in a computer game. Algorithms will set the rules for the game and how we can win prizes or lose points.

Illustration of an algorithm for KS1 computing


Computer games are built using code so you will need to write some.

Illustration of coding blocks for KS1 computing
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An image of three cartoon characters using computer devices

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