Addition and use of the column method

Addition explained, getting the same total when adding different numbers and making addition easier using chunking and the column method.

Subtracting numbers using the column and chunking method

Explaining subtraction, subtracting numbers in stages and how to make subtraction easier using chunking and the column method.

Multiplication using the grid method and repeated addition

Explaining multiplication, different ways of thinking about multiplication and long multiplication using the grid method.

Dividing numbers equally and dealing with remainders

Division explained, remainders when dividing numbers and dividing by 10.

Place value and decimal places

Place value explained, multiplying and dividing by 10 and comparing prices using place value.

Simplifying and multiplying ratios

Ratios explained, working out total amounts using ratios and scaling a recipe using ratios.

Dividing whole things into fractions

Fractions explained, cutting a cake into equal pieces and representing a fraction as a decimal and as a percentage.

Working out percentages of an amount and price discounts

Percentages explained, calculating percentage discounts and how to turn fractions into percentages.

Decimal numbers and the decimal point

Whole numbers and decimal numbers, measuring correctly using decimals and multiplying decimals.