What is a force?

Find out how how forces, like pushes and pulls, move objects.

What are the different forces?

Learn about the different types of forces, including a push, pull and twist, with Seymour Science.

What is friction?

Find out about friction, a force between two surfaces that are sliding across each other.

What are water and air resistance?

Find out how air resistance affects falling objects and how water resistance affects the speed of things travelling in water.

What is gravity?

What does gravity do? Who was Sir Isaac Newton? How is gravity different on the moon?

What is a magnet?

Learn about the north and south poles of magnets and how we use magnets in everyday life.

Which metals are magnetic?

Learn more about magnets and which metals are attracted to them.

What is buoyancy?

Find out why some objects float and others sink in this introduction to buoyancy.