Compilation of forces in action

A compilation of images of forces in action, including hitting balls and a lorry braking.

Could you use an umbrella to parachute?

A demonstration of how parachutes are used to create air resistance.

Experiments to test air resistance

Do heavier objects fall faster than lighter objects? Astronauts test Galileo's theories.


An animation exploring how pushes and pulls make objects move, speed up, or slow down.

Forces in action (clip compilation)

A compilation of clips of various forces in action, set to music.

Friction between the tyre and the road

An explanation of how friction occurs between a car tyre and the road and the effects.

How do levers work?

The power of levers and pneumatic force.

How does friction work as a force?

Children test how different surfaces affect how moving objects stop.

How is friction created?

An explanation of friction using a bobsled as an example.

Pushes and pulls (clip compilation)

A compilation of pushes and pulls using 'real life' examples.

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