Animal heads on human bodies

How to make a digital photo of someone with their pet’s head attached to their own body.

Animating on a real life backdrop

A short animation is made using a submarine drawn on acetate and a real life backdrop.

Flip-book animation

A basic introduction to flip-book animation using just a pen and pack of memo notes.

Introduction to cut-out animation

How to animate pictures, photographs or cuttings from magazines to create moving images.

Make a bike wheel animation machine

How to make an animation using images attached to a rotating bike wheel.

Making a 3D cell picture

How to make a 3D cell picture which can also be used for animation.

Making a running man animation

How to make a figure drawn on memo notes run across a wall using stop-frame animation.

Making a tea and biscuit stunt animation

How to make a funny short animation of a stunt dive using tea and biscuits.

Making and animating grass heads

How to make and animate a tufty head garden character using old tights and grass seeds.

Squash and stretch animation

Make a short squash and stretch animation using just a camera, tablet and modelling clay.