Listening, interrupting politely and moving things on

Showing you're listening, interrupting politely and moving the conversation on.

Asking questions, being clear and persuading people

Asking the right questions using the 'five Ws' - who, what, when, where and why. Getting the details right and using the power of persuasion.

Knowing when to use formal or informal language

Using formal and informal tones and laying out a letter. Understanding the language around us and finding the appropriate style.

Reading tips, the purpose of texts and spotting mistakes

The purpose of texts, how to scan and skim and finding the meaning in a piece of writing.

Finding the right information and planning how to respond

Evaluating texts, reading in detail, responding and making choices.

Where to use capital letters, adjectives and conjunctions

Writing different types of sentences using nouns, capital letters, adjectives and conjunctions.

How to write clear and interesting sentences

Choosing the right tense, verbs, consistency and making sense in writing.

Tips and tricks for spelling words correctly

Checking your spelling using some simple tips.

Ordering text logically, paragraphs and checking spelling

Putting text in a logical order. Planning and organising paragraphs, proofreading and checking spelling.

Using punctuation to write better sentences

Getting to grips with commas, apostrophes and punctuation marks in writing.