Careers - finding a training course

Information about how to find a training course and what to expect.

Careers - NVQ in catering

Information about NVQs including interviews providers for NVQ Level 2 in catering.

Careers - NVQ in sports and recreation

Interview with a teenager working on an NVQ Level 1 through a training project in Belfast.

The law - employment rights (pt 1/2)

Christopher explains his legal battle to be treated fairly under the law.

The law - employment rights (pt 2/2)

The legal aspects of Christopher's appeal against unfair dismissal are explained.

World of work (pt 1/6)

Young people in a variety of jobs describe their first experiences of work.

World of work (pt 2/6)

Employees talk about their jobs - an employee of Radio Belfast and a catering manager.

World of work (pt 3/6) - the importance of teamwork

Employees discuss the importance of working as part of a team.

World of work (pt 4/6) - the right attitude at work

Employers and employees explore the right attitude to have for work.

World of work (pt 5/6) - making progress at work

The importance of earning money at work, including low pay on training schemes.