Branding - building the value

The importance of own label brands in the food industry.

Breaking even

How businesses need to adapt – an example of one business changing its focus.

Business start-up

A new business starts up, helped by a small business advisor.

Creating a brand image

Evan Davis tells the story of the rollercoaster rise and fall of Sunny Delight.

Crisis management in business

Evan Davis tells the story of the way Apple dealt with a corporate crisis.

Financial aspects of business start-ups

The story of the Innocent drinks company - the highs and lows for the founders.


Looking at a franchise business from the view of a franchisee and the franchise owner.

Just-in-time delivery

John Lewis product suppliers discuss supplying products to retailers.

Lagos cattle market

Lagos cattle market shows a market price being established by negotiation.

Market research and branding mistakes

Evan Davis tells the story of 'the biggest brand mistake ever made'.

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