How to use connectors in Spanish

What are connectors?

In Spanish, we use connectors to join up our ideas, just as we do in English. For example:

  • además - in addition
  • también - also
  • y - and

Why use connectors?

When speaking or writing in Spanish, it is important to try and extend our ideas. These connectors can be used to add to an idea, or to contrast it.

  • Me gustan las patatas fritas porque son deliciosas, pero son saladas. - I like chips because they are tasty, but they are salty.
  • Tengo un perro blanco y me gustan los gatos también. - I have a white dog and I like cats too.
  • Por un lado me gusta mi instituto pero por otro lado es un poco ruidoso. - On one hand I like my school but on the other hand it is a bit noisy.
Mi tortuga es pequeña... ¡sin embargo es muy feroz! - My tortoise is small... however it's very fierce!

Here is a list of some useful connectors in Spanish:

ademásin addition
por un ladoon one hand
por otro ladoon the other hand
sin embargohowever
no obstantenonetheless
por ejemplofor example
por esotherefore


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