Best friends talk about their friendship

Owen and Bill are best friends who explain how they settle differences and share things.

Coping with feeling angry

A group of children produce paintings to illustrate anger and their feelings.

Family conflict

Jenny feels there is always conflict between herself and her mum and brother.

Family conflict during the morning routine

A short musical piece describing the conflicts that arise in a family's morning routine.

From bully to best friend

A young girl explains how she told a teacher she was being bullied by her friend.

How can you cope with feeling angry?

Children describe what they do when they feel angry and calming strategies used.

How do you feel after being angry?

A child explains how he feels after he has been angry.

My best friends

We learn the importance of making up with friends after disagreements.

Playground buddies, massages and mediators

An introduction to bullying prevention strategies.

Reducing family conflict

Jenny is shown how she could help to improve relationships in her family.