7.9 earthquake at Bhuj, 21 January 2001

The impact of the Bhuj earthquake in India and the role of aid agencies and organisations.

A comparison of the effects of Hurricane Floyd (Florida) and Hurricane Mitch (Honduras)

The victims of 'natural' disasters like hurricanes are usually the very poor.

Economic relief and recovery after a natural disaster

The effect of hurricane Mitch on the economy of Honduras.

Engineering earthquake resistant structures

How engineering can improve the chances of survival from an earthquake.

Hurricane Floyd misses Florida but comes ashore in North Carolina - 1999

How Hurricane Floyd changed the landscape and population of Florida and North Carolina.

Hurricane Mitch strikes Honduras in 1998

Honduras's vulnerability to hurricanes due to a dependence on agricultural exports.

Powerful volcanic eruptions

An animation of the Mount Pinatubo eruption of 1991 in the Philippines and its effects.

Preparing for earthquakes

The management of the consequences of earthquakes.

River management - the Mississippi

How river management techniques failed and areas of the the Mississippi flooded in 1993.

The causes and effects of the 2004 Asian tsunami

The formation of the 2004 Asian tsunami, caused by tectonic activity.

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