Biodiesel as a fuel

Production of carbon neutral fuel - biodiesel - from cooking oil, animal fat and plants.


How biomass can be burned to produce heat and generate electricity.

Conduction, convection and radiation

A glass of iced water in the sun is used to illustrate three types of thermal transfer.

Fossil fuels and the environment

An investigation into the use of fossil fuels and their impact on the environment.

Hydrogen as a renewable resource

Mixing hydrogen with oxygen in a fuel cell can generate electricity to power a vehicle.

Recycling - what's the best way to sort waste? (signed)

A race to sort materials for recycling between a young girl at home and a recycling plant.

Renewable energy sources

A look at renewable sources of energy which are replenished or available for a long time.

Tongland Power Station and the River Dee

Tongland Power Station generates hydroelectricity from the power of the River Dee.

Wave power, hydroelectricity and wind farms

The pros and cons of using wave power to generate electricity.

Wind farms in the Southern Uplands of Scotland

Why high levels of wind in the Southern Uplands make it a good location for wind farms.

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