A School Day during WW1

Join Tommy and Isa as they attend school during a typical day in World War One.

A typical week

Find out what Tommy writes in a letter to his father who serving his country on the Front.

Air raid postcard

Listen to one boy’s account of a London air raid in 1916 during World War One.

Attacks by sea

A girl tells us her great-great-grandma's account of the German attack on Hartlepool.

Famous figures - Edith Cavell

The story of Edith Cavell, a nurse remembered for helping soldiers of all nationalities.

Famous figures - Jack Cornwell

The story of the World War One navy hero, Jack Cornwell, also known as Jutland Jack.

Famous figures - Lord Kitchener

Follow the story of the World War One secretary of state for war, Lord Horatio Kitchener.

Famous figures - Sergeant Stubby

The story of a World War One hero and courageous canine who was truly man's best friend.

Famous figures - Sir Douglas Haig

The story of World War One commander-in-chief General Douglas Haig.

Famous figures - Wilfred Owen

Follow the story of poet Wilfred Owen, one of the leading voices of World War One.