Coping with feeling angry

A group of children produce paintings to illustrate anger and their feelings.

How can you cope with feeling angry?

Children describe what they do when they feel angry and calming strategies used.

How do you feel after being angry?

A child explains how he feels after he has been angry.

Living with anaphylactic allergies - Izzy and Ben's story

An animated testimony from two children with anaphylactic allergies.

Living with cystic fibrosis - Jasper's story

An animated testimony from Jasper, a child living with cystic fibrosis.

Living with HIV - Melissa's story

A powerful animated testimony from a child living with HIV.

Living with leukaemia - Naomi's story

An animated testimony from Naomi, a child who has suffered from leukaemia.

New child in class - Ashley's story

Ashley has been to four different schools because she has moved house a lot.

New child in class - Gareth's story

Gareth is a circus performer who learns from a travelling education service.

New child in class - Jimmy's story

Jimmy is from a travelling family and we see how he settles into his new school.