David Davies and the Welsh coal industry

Eddie Butler describes the contribution of David Davies to the south Wales coal industry.

Different religions in Tiger Bay 1968

Multicultural nature of Tiger Bay in 1968, as slum housing was cleared.

Growth of Scottish cities

Brief review of urbanisation of Scotland in the 19th and early 20th century.

How crannogs were built

An introduction to crannogs, which are artificial islands found across Ireland.

Italian communities in south Wales during World War Two

Italians from south Wales and the sinking of the Arandora Star in World War Two.

Living conditions for the Irish in Scotland

The views of a Glasgow doctor on the living conditions of the Irish immigrant population.

Merchant seamen and Butetown's sacrifice

A look at the Battle of the Atlantic and the role of Butetown during the war.

Scottish Emigration 1830s-1930s

Scottish emigration from the 1830s in the context of push and pull factors.

The Irish labour force in Scotland

Two audio extracts quote the views of Scottish employers about Irish workers.

The religious and cultural differences for Irish immigrants in Scotland

The extent to which Irish immigrants were willing to assimilate into Scottish society.

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