Drama about teenage homelessness (pt 5/5)

Link is shocked to discover how many other young people are in the same situation.

Jordan's experience of getting drunk when he was 16

Jordan shares how an evening of drinking alcohol at 16 caused him to almost lose his life.

Personal experiences of anorexia

A look at anorexia and how it affects lives.

Personal experiences of drug addiction

Former drug addicts talk about their experiences of drug addiction and overcoming it.

Poverty and role models in African American communities

An illustration of ethnic minorities and social class in the USA.

PSHE for SEN - Inappropriate touching of family friends

Animation aimed at girls with severe learning difficulties - inappropriate touch.

PSHE for SEN - Personal space and boundaries

An animation aimed at teenagers with severe learning difficulties.

SEN Skills for Life - Staying out of trouble

Henry's got a mild learning difficulty. He's at his aunt's house when a fight starts.

SEN Skills for Life - Working together to have a party

Teenagers with severe learning difficulties decide to have a party for their friends.

The challenges faced in disclosing sexual abuse within a family

Following sexual abuse by her future stepfather Mia realises her young sister is at risk.