Best friends talk about their friendship

Owen and Bill are best friends who explain how they settle differences and share things.

Communicating with sign language

A report following a young deaf boy who uses sign language to communicate.

Explanation - Growing seeds

Children grow seeds and then visit a farm to see radishes grown and harvested.

Feeling good - family and friends

A short musical piece describing how to feel good at home and with friends.

From bully to best friend

A young girl explains how she told a teacher she was being bullied by her friend.

Laura and her dog Magsie

Laura explains the friendship with her dog and the responsibilities of owning a pet.

Making friends - fear of rejection

Alvin is a young boy with noticeable scars, who explains how he overcame his fears.

Making new friends (pt 1/2)

Fred has moved house and is finding it difficult to make new friends.

Moving home (pt 1/2)

A seven-year-old boy moves to a new home in Scotland where he tries to make new friends.

My best friends

We learn the importance of making up with friends after disagreements.