A Christian baptism (pt 1/2)

A family is preparing for a baptism and a vicar is preaching during a baptism service.

A Christian baptism (pt 2/2)

A baby is baptised in a church. Narration is provided by the baby's older brother.

A Christian baptism story

A short narrated picture story about a family looking for a lost baptismal shawl.

Baptism celebrations

What baptism means to Christians and how baptism is celebrated.

God's gifts to people

Animation of a story told by Jesus to help his followers understand God's gifts.

Good Friday and Easter eggs

Why do Christians call such a sad day Good Friday?

Jesus recruits disciples and shares stories

Jesus recruits disciples, fishermen on the Sea of Galilee, and shares his stories.

Parable of the Good Samaritan (animation)

A traveller is beaten, robbed and left for dead until someone unexpected helps.

Picts and the Christian churches

The Christianity of the Columban church and the church of Northumbria are compared.

The Bible and baptism

The importance of the Bible and baptism for Christians.

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