Atomic mass

A brief introduction to the mass of atoms and how they vary in different elements.

Atomic structure

An introduction to atomic structure, including protons, neutrons and electrons.

Atoms and isotopes

An introduction to how protons, neutrons and electrons make up atoms.

Collision theory and how to increase rates of reaction

Collisions of atoms are described as causing reactions.

Conservation of mass in chemical reactions

The concept of conservation of mass in chemical reaction using two examples.

Covalent bonding and the periodic table

An introduction to covalent bonding, focussed on the periodic table.

Current and voltage in a circuit

The difference between current and voltage in a circuit is shown using animations.

Heat transfers

An introduction to the four methods of heat transfer.

Heat transfers and the vacuum flask

An explanation of heat loss from liquids in a vacuum flask.

How do we calculate mass and atomic numbers?

How subatomic particles make up atoms and what mass and atomic numbers tell us.

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