'The Cone Gatherers' - Calum's death

Lady Runcie Campbell describes her reactions to Calum's death.

'The Cone Gatherers' - characterisation of Calum and Neil

Neil and Calum are introduced and their characters are discussed.

'The Cone Gatherers' - conclusion

Wallace and the inspector sum up their theory on why Duror killed both Calum and himself.

'The Cone Gatherers' - Duror's attraction towards Lady Runcie Campbell

The inspector and Lady Runcie preside over Duror's lust for her and his murder of Calum.

'The Cone Gatherers' - Duror's motivations

Wallace and the inspector discuss reasons behind Duror's hatred of the cone gatherers.

'The Cone Gatherers' - in the beach house

Neil and Calum shelter in the beach house until Lady Runcie Campbell throws them out.

'The Cone Gatherers' - issues of class

Wallace and the inspector talk to Lady Runcie and discover attitudes towards lower classes

'The Cone Gatherers' - Roderick's opinion

Roderick describes his admiration for the cone gatherers, to his mother's distaste.

'The Cone Gatherers' - the deer drive

Characters talk about Duror's outburst on a recent deer hunt with the cone gatherers.

'The Cone Gatherers' - theories behind Duror's crimes

Wallace explains his theory behind Duror's murder of Calum.

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