Careers - finding a training course

Information about how to find a training course and what to expect.

Careers - NVQ in catering

Information about NVQs including interviews providers for NVQ Level 2 in catering.

Careers - NVQ in sports and recreation

Interview with a teenager working on an NVQ Level 1 through a training project in Belfast.

Science and engineering in space projects

The work of a structural engineer on satellite projects and the Mars rover.

Scientific approaches to cooking

Interviews with chefs involved in scientific innovation in the kitchen.

Tyrannosaurus Rex animated in CAD for 'Walking with Dinosaurs'

A look at the use of CAD modelling for the television series 'Walking with Dinosaurs'.

World of work (pt 6/6) - dealing with customers and prioritising work

Information on how to deal with customers at work, and how to prioritise workloads.

World of work (pt 1/6)

Young people in a variety of jobs describe their first experiences of work.

World of work (pt 2/6)

Employees talk about their jobs - an employee of Radio Belfast and a catering manager.

World of work (pt 3/6) - the importance of teamwork

Employees discuss the importance of working as part of a team.