Der Zug

An animated film trailer about two strangers who meet on a train and fall in love.

Die Band

An animated movie trailer about a teenage girl who enters an online talent competition.

Die Fremde

An alien girl bonds with a British schoolboy as they share stories about school life.

Family relations

Vocabulary for family relations used in real-life situations.


The German word Heimat, a word which cannot easily be translated, is explained.

Im Wilden Westen

A movie trailer, in the style of a comedy western, about a high noon holiday showdown.

JFK's visit to Berlin in 1963

President John F Kennedy's historic visit to Berlin in 1963.

Renting vs buying property

Renting accommodation is more popular than buying property in Germany.

Texan Germans

A film describing how German came to be spoken in Texas and its position today.

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