Creating parody

How humorous intent can be created through parody in writing.

Exploration of language at word and sentence level

Trevor McDonald explains why an extract from 'Out of India' has an impact on him.

How dialect can be used in a poem or song

Two singers discuss the use of dialect in song lyrics and perform extracts of these songs.

How performance technique can change the emotional impact of a poem

A songwriter discusses how performance techniques affect her song ‘Stranger Things’.

How referencing other texts can help a writer communicate their ideas

Rapper Double S explores how he uses references to Harry Potter books in his own writing.

How stories are adapted for a young audience

An insight into the making of CBBC’s Newsround.

How to use point, evidence, and analysis to comment on a literary text

An explanation of how to make an analytical point about a text illustrated by a song.

How to write a news report

Journalist Tina Daheley looks at how English language is used when writing news stories.

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