The world wide web explained

An explanation of what the world wide web is, and how it differs from the internet.

Viruses and malware

An explanation of what computer viruses and malware are and how to avoid getting infected.

What are repeated patterns?

Using a free piece of coding software to create an animating selfie repeat pattern.

What are variables?

Variables are explained by relating it to a squirrel and where his nuts have been buried.

What is a bug?

Nate demonstrates what happens when algorithms contain syntax errors or logic bugs.

What is debugging?

An explanation of what debugging involves, including identifying syntax and logical bugs.

What is decomposition?

Mr Moose is hungry. Find out how ‘decomposition’ could help him solve the problem.

What makes a good website

Tips on the elements that go into making a good website, with real life examples.

What makes computer games fun

A software engineer explains how she designs fun computer games and apps.

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