Controlling physical systems

A description of physical systems, explaining why and how they are used.

Experimenting using an algorithm

Nate follows an algorithm he has written to carry out a science experiment.

How computer data is stored

A description of data storage and how its size is measured in bits and bytes.

How does the internet work

Explanation of how the internet works, including IP addresses, protocols and networks.

How email works

How emails are sent and received, including definitions of domain names, POP and SMTP.

How to break down problems

A short animation introducing decomposition and problem solving strategies.

How to build an app

An interview with two teenagers where they discuss an app that they designed.

How to write complex programs

Complex programming is introduced using a simple example of a kangaroo needing to drink.

Input and output devices

An explanation of what happens to data when it is inputted and outputted, with examples.

The world wide web explained

An explanation of what the world wide web is, and how it differs from the internet.

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