How to identify different polygons

Find out about different regular and irregular polygons.

What are the types of triangle?

Find out about scalene, equilateral, isosceles and right-angled triangles.

What are the parts of a circle?

Discover the features of a circle and how to measure the radius, circumference and diameter.

What is the perimeter?

Discover how to work out the area of a 2D shape, by adding the length of its sides together.

What are nets?

Find out what a net is and how to identify a shape from its net.

What makes a shape symmetrical?

Find out more about symmetrical 2D shapes.

What is an angle?

Discover the different types of angles and how to make sure you get the biggest slice of pizza.

What are parallel and perpendicular lines?

Discover the difference between parallel and perpendicular lines.

How can you transform a shape?

Find out about the different ways a shape can be transformed, including translation, rotation and reflection.

How do I use grid references on a map?

Learn how grid references work, with BBC Bitesize.

What are coordinates?

Find out how to use a map by reading coordinates on an x and y axis.

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