Imperial to metric

Find out about the standard units of measurement used around the world today

What are metric measurements?

Discover the different uses of metric measures from tiny mm to massive km.

What are imperial measurements?

Before we started using metric measurements, we used imperial measurements with feet, pounds and stones.

How to work out an area

Find out how to measure the area of rectilinear shapes by breaking them down into squares and rectangles.

What is the perimeter?

Discover how to work out the area of a 2D shape, by adding the length of its sides together.

How do you calculate volume using an equation?

Take a look at the equation you can use to calculate volume.

What is volume?

Find out how the volume of a 3D shape can be calculated by counting cubes.

How do you work out the area of triangles?

Discover how to work out the area of a triangle, by working out the area of a rectangle and then dividing it by two. Find out more in this KS2 Bitesize guide.

What is currency?

What is currency and how does it change from country to country?

What is financial decision making?

Planning on how much you can do with your money and how much you can save is called a budget. Discover more about financial decision making.

How much have I spent?

Find out how to calculate what you've spent at the shops

Duration of time

Find out how to tell the time using both analogue and digital clocks.

What is analogue and digital time?

Discover the difference between analogue and digital and how you can convert between them.