Building sculptures out of snow and ice

Building sculptures out of snow and ice in Sweden.

Changes in the state of materials (clip compilation)

A range of materials which have been mixed, burnt, melted and cooled.

Freezing point and boiling point

A demonstration of freezing and boiling points and standard measurements of temperature.

Gases in daily life (clip compilation)

A look at how different gases are used in everyday life.

Glass blowing

How does heat change materials? Includes footage of a glass blower working with glass.

Materials and their properties (clip compilation)

A compilation of clips based on the theme of materials and their uses.

Materials and their uses (clip compilation)

Metals, wood and plastic are shown in different forms and uses for each are highlighted.

Production and use of plastics

An explanation of how plastics are made from natural materials such as wood, coal and oil.

Rocks (no narration)

A compilation of clips showing rocks in a variety of forms and locations.

Separating solids and liquids

A look at a range of day-to-day examples of separating liquids and solids.

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