How to write in the first, second or third person

First, second and third person

There are three ways you can write a story. These are called the first, second and third person.

First person

When you write in the first person, you put yourself inside the writing by describing how you felt and what you were doing. Use 'I'.

"I saw two messy monsters."

Second person

When writing in the second person, address the reader directly. This type of writing feels personal to the reader. Use 'you' and 'your'.

"When you see a monster, you should tell them to tidy up."

Third person

When you are writing in the third person, the story is about other people. Not yourself or the reader. Use the character's name or pronouns such as 'he' or 'she'.

"He sneakily crept up on them. Fudge the monster looked scared."