Animation of mice using magnets

An animation shows two mice using magnets to climb a fridge door to reach some cheese.

Compilation of forces in action

A montage of forces in action, including hitting balls and a lorry braking.

Forces in action (clip compilation)

A compilation of clips of various forces in action, set to music.

Forces in the playground

Children identify examples of different forces in an adventure playground.

How do magnets help in a scrapyard?

A clip showing scrap heaps sorting the different metals found in cars using magnets.

Magnets and springs (clip compilation)

A compilation of images of a variety of magnets and springs used in day-to-day life.

Magnets and their invisible force

An explanation of how magnets work by using their poles to attract or repel objects.

Pushes and pulls (clip compilation)

A compilation of pushing and pulling forces using 'real life' examples.

Super powerful magnets

The invention of super powerful magnetic grippers and their practical uses.

Wind farms in the Southern Uplands of Scotland

Why high levels of wind in the Southern Uplands make it a good location for wind farms.

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