SEN Skills for Life - Peer pressure and sex

Millie and John have been dating for a couple of months and they're thinking about sex.

SEN Skills for Life - Personal hygiene during periods

Personal hygiene through regularly changing sanitary pads during menstruation.

SEN Skills for Life - Staying out of trouble

Henry's got a mild learning difficulty. He's at his aunt's house when a fight starts.

SEN Skills for Life - Touching yourself in public

Appropriate behaviour and social skills in relation to intimate self-touching in public.

SEN Skills for Life - Using a tissue when sneezing

Encouraging attention to hygiene when ill with a bad cold.

SEN Skills for Life - Washing your hands after using the toilet

Encouraging personal hygiene after using the toilet.

SEN Skills for Life - Working together to have a party

Teenagers with severe learning difficulties decide to have a party for their friends.