Meet the civil servant

A discussion on the role and unseen work of the civil service.

Meet the MSP

Pros and cons of an SNP proposal to raise the age at which alcohol can be purchased to 21.

Outsider pressure groups

The use of direct action by pro-hunting pressure groups.

Pressure groups

A look at a range of pressure groups and their methods.

The influence of the media

An examination of the relationship between the media and politicians.

The work of an MSP

Shona Robison, MSP, Dundee East, explains her work as an MSP.

Trade unions at Kvaerner Govan

A series of BBC news items summarising the sequence of events in an industrial dispute.

What are pressure groups and how do they affect political decision making?

Pressure groups and how they aim to influence political decision making in the UK.

What are the differences between political systems in Scotland and the UK?

A comparison between the responsibilities of Scottish parliament and the UK parliament.

What are trade unions and how do they help people in the workplace?

A look at the role played by trade unions in representing workers with employers.

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