A day in the life of a local councillor

A summary of the role councillors play in Scottish communities.

A day in the life of an MP in UK parliament

Examples of the tasks carried out by an MP, such as meeting constituents.

A day in the life of an MSP in Scottish parliament

Tasks carried out by an MSP, such as meeting constituents and proposing new laws.

Battle of the Forth Road Bridge

The problems faced by the SNP to build a new Forth Road Bridge.

Community councils

Local Authorities use community councils to gauge public opinion on existing services.

External influences on local government

Financing and control of local government by UK and Scottish Parliaments and Governments.

Holyrood - Scotland's Parliament

Workings of the Scottish Parliament are described by the leaders of all five parties.

How are councillors elected in Scotland?

The Single Transferable Vote system is used to elect local councillors in Scotland.

How do the media influence us and what does this mean for political parties in the UK?

Looking at what influence the UK media have on the political process.

How does the political system work in the UK?

An overview of institutions in the UK political system, such as the Houses of Parliament.

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