Demand for slave labour in the New World

The context leading up to the use of Africans as slaves in the New World.

Establishment opposition to the abolitionist movement

How those in power used their influence to delay the abolition of slavery.

Former slaves and the abolition movement

A look at the place of ex-slaves in the abolition movement.

Interpretations of the abolition of slavery

A museum in Hull claims William Wilberforce was the key to abolition.

Life on board slave ships and the Zong massacre

A description of conditions on board the slave ships and an outline of the Zong case.

Origins of the abolitionist movement

The abolitionist movement and its opposition.

Origins of the Atlantic slave trade

The context and background to Britain's involvement in the slave trade.

Scotland and the slave trade

The growth of Britain’s major slave ports.

Slave auctions

How slaves were prepared for auction.

The African slave trade

The reasons behind the African slave trade and the impact of European involvement.

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