Manchester cholera epidemic of 1832 (pt 1/2)

A dramatisation of the outbreak of cholera in Manchester in 1832.

Manchester cholera epidemic of 1832 (pt 2/2)

The impact of poor quality housing in Britain on the spread of cholera.

Poor housing in London in the 1880s

How health and housing concerned reformers and philanthropists of the late 19th century.

The Fight For Women’s Education in Victorian Britain

Millicent Fawcett’s campaign to empower British women through education.

The Irish labour force in Scotland

Two audio extracts quote the views of Scottish employers about Irish workers.

The religious and cultural differences for Irish immigrants in Scotland

The extent to which Irish immigrants were willing to assimilate into Scottish society.

The Temperance Movement

Alcohol during the 19th century led to the rise of the temperance movement.

The Welsh language in Victorian times

History of the Welsh language in Victorian times, including the use of the 'Welsh Not'.

Use of the 'Welsh Not'

Reconstruction of the use of the 'Welsh Not' in Welsh classrooms.

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